Saturday, July 14, 2007

Love is.......

Love is, when u r hurt they wince

Love is, when u do something great they feel proud

Love is, when u fall sick they spend sleepless nights

Love is, when u do something wrong they take the blame

Love for me is, my family (parents and bro)

Love is, when u look at her smile and think "What are worries?"

Love is, when u look at some other girl and u get the how-dare-you look from her

Love is, when she starts thinking of our next meeting even before the current one ends

Love is, when u listen to the sound of her voice and feel "Is there anything sweeter? Nah! Not a

Love for me is, my *****

P.S. This post is the answer to a question my friend asked me. "How do u define love"

P.S.S.Though I tried my hand at it i still feel "Love is a feeling, one which is difficult to put in

P.S.S.S A colleague of mine quoted "Love is the best thing in the world, until it happens to your daughter" :D

Friday, May 11, 2007

To that someone special

Anuroop Kashyap was a typical software engineer.

He had a belly and lower back pain
He believed most of the forwards he got.
He never carried a pen. Always took notes in his laptop.
He could express his feelings better in a chat window than in words.
He could be reached more quickly on his instant messenger than on his phone.
He usually said "Shutdown the windows" instead of "Close the windows"

et al

He spent his weekdays staring at his laptop screen and his weekends resting. He rarely had time for her. But he did not want the same to happen that day. He wanted to make her feel special. So he made sure that he finished all his work before time just to spend time with her.

He took her to a theme park. He felt happy seeing her go back to her childhood days while she was on the merry go round. He then bought her a pack of spicy mirchi bajji which, he knew, was her favorite snack. After the fun they had there he took her to a nice restaurant for dinner. During the course of the dinner she told Anuroop that she had not had such a nice time in a long while. He then took her hand in his and apologized for not spending quality time with her. He then said

“Whatever I am today, it is all because of you. If not for you I wouldn’t have reached the stage I am in. I remember everything that you did to see me lead a good life. But what did I give you in return? Solitude and seclusion? All this just to earn those few extra bucks? It is not till recently that I realized what I was doing wrong.”

He finally said

“Thank you mom. Thank you for everything. Happy Mother’s Day

P.S. Amma you are the best. This post is dedicated to my mom.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


“C’mon , its your last exam. Don’t screw it up.” said his mind

“Screw the exam. U will never get a chance to see or talk to her again.” said his heart.

Only rarely did Arun’s heart and mind agree on something. In all such battles his heart always triumphed. That day was no different. “Screw the exam“ he thought as he closed his book and went in search of her.

He hustled through the busy college corridors. There was not a single classroom that he did not run into in order to find her. That day lady luck did not accompany him. As a last resort he ran to the college play ground to see if she was in any of the college buses parked there. He stood in the middle of the ground, in the scorching heat, thinking of all that he wanted to say to her when he would meet her for the last time in his life. The fact that he was still not able to locate her and that there was not much time left for the start of the exam robbed him of his hope. In that moment of despair the only thing he could possibly think of was to get back to his book and run his thumbs through it to ensure that he did not flunk the last exam of his college life.

Finally he entered the examination hall only to be shocked by her presence. He then went and sat in his chair 2 seats to her right. The examination hall was buzzing with the voices of the other students. Some praying, some trying desperately to remember that all-important formula, some busy checking their stationery, some still flipping the pages of their books. Amidst all this he was silent. He sat in his chair oriented towards his left so that he could get a clear view of her. He just sat there admiring her. He liked everything about her, every word she said, every move she made. Every time she smiled, he felt a tickle in his heart, which was smug from its recent triumph over his mind.

Just when he was busy in his own world he noticed her walk towards him. He quickly turned and started to pretend to be checking his stationery. He felt neglected when she just walked past him to meet the guy sitting next to him. She handed over her slam book to that guy, as that was the last day of college. She asked that guy to pass it around so that the others could fill it up. The slam book exchanged hands and toured all around him but never came to him. Just then the bell rang to mark the start of the exam. He felt happy that he had his exam to worry about than to sit and brood over the recent incident. Throughout the duration of the exam he stole some time to glance at her.

He finished his exam well before the stipulated time. He had to go to a far off city because he secured a job there while he was in his final semester. Despite the fact that he had a bus to catch he waited for her to finish the exam so that he could talk to her for one last time and tell her how he felt about her. As was her habit she did not cease to scribble on her answer book until the invigilator snatched it away. But it was already late. He had to leave.

Arun Bhattacharya, with tears in his eyes, left. On the last day of college he did not get a chance to say “ I LOVE YOU” to the girl he not just loved but worshiped.

P.S. May 4th 2004 was the last day of our college. This post is in remembrance of that day.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Been Tagged.......

I had finished this post long back. But could not publish it due to some unforeseen circumstances that day. Later , as Prathyusha mentioned , my laziness prevailed. After a long hiatus i wanted to publish this. So i have some updates in the post in Italics.

9 Favorites:

Favorite Season: Summer..u get mangoes
Favorite Sport: TT and Badminton (Playing) .. Tennis,Cricket (Watching)
Favorite Time: Time spent in solitude...thinking
Favorite Month: May... my bro was born :D
Favorite Singers: Balu,Kishore da
Favorite Ice Cream: Anything that can be classified in the Ice Cream category.
Tooty fruity and Cream de la caramel (Corner house ) deserve a mention.
Update: Now that I am on a diet (no giggling plz) I can only think about 'em :-(
Favorite Food: This might sound cliched but its 126% true... Anything cooked by mom. Shez the gr8est cook if u ask me.
Favorite Drink: Cold water after a nice game of TT.
Favorite Place: My dream land (tresspassers will be shown my middle finger and if they
still dont leave will be kicked in the nuts)

9 Currents:
Current Feeling:
Himesh reshammiya is not that bad a singer as everyone portray him to be.
Current OS: Windows XP (Microsoft Rox)
Current Windows Open : -- to write this post ....... duh -- checking out the review of sandisk e260 mp3 player. -- comparing prices of iPod nano (4Gb) and sandisk e260 (4 Gb). -- men in blue suck (as always)
Update: telnet window to our version control server -- yes I am in the office at 8:30 pm on a saturday. U must be thinking what a loser .. yeah...
Current Drink: Water.
Current Time: 07:52 pm
Update: 8:34 pm
Current Mobile(s) Used: LG (Did not even care to take a peek at the model number)
Update: Unfortunately my LG mobile broke after it fell form my pocket while i was riding my bike. Now i use a Nokia 2865
Current Show on TV: No TV :-(
Current Thought: SA should win by 10 wkts and show the men in blue all the 11 middle
Update: When will this darn ftp download of the latest build code finish. When will I go home. :-(
Current Cloths : Track my bro got me from RS Bros hyd ( I like it very much)
BITS-Pilani t-shirt .. also courtesy my bro.
Update: A Dockers half sleeves shirt my aunt got for me and a black trouser
Update - 2 : Should'nt it be Current Clothes ? :P
9 Firsts:

First Nickname: chambu (when saying nickname if the intention is petname then its nikki)
First Kiss: I wish my fat lips were as lucky. Will definitely update this if my lips happen to lock anytime.
First Crush: Dont remember..had loads of 'em.
First Computer: An assembled one at did more research than me..shame on me .. :-( Never mind..he was the one paying... :D
First Vehicle I drove: My bicycle (if that doesnt count as a vehicle then its my dad's scooter)
First Job: At knoah. As a tech support in that call centre.
First Movie I watched: How can any one remember this...gosh and anyone who has answered this question with a movie name is definitely bullshitting.
First Pet: Not interested much in pets.
First Shave: Skipping this question because of its ambiguous nature :P

7 Lasts:
Last Chai (Tea) : I dont have tea/coffee.But had to have the tea given when i visited my friend's place yesterday.
Last Movie: Dhoom 2 .... Hrithik rox... Aishwarya "like" sucks
Update: Guru.
Last Time I Drove: Yesterday to innovative multiplex.
Update: In the afternoon today. to office .... gggggggaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh :-(
Last Time Shaved: This ambiguous question props up again.....
Last Web Site Visited:
Update: was planning to update my blog template :D
Last Software Installed: Yahoo messenger (in my dell lappy given by the company)
Update: dos2unix to convert some files from dos format to unix , in office today :-(
Last Pill I Had: Aamlapittantaka Yog ( That difficult-to-pronounce name shud suggest that it is an ayurvedic pill) for acidity. Extremely effective trust me.

6 Have You Evers:
Have You Ever Broken the Law:
Yes.I my mother land laws are meant to b broken.Will update this if i end up breaking any of my in-laws :D
Have You Ever Been Drunk: I am a tea-totaler. I dont even take tea. (Nikhil manchi baludu)
Have You Ever Climbed a Tree: Innumerable times. Especially our guava tree. I love guavas.
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: Never kissed anyone i know..kissing a stranger is not even on the cards.
Have You Ever Been in the Middle/Close to Gunfire or Bomb Blast: Nope
Have You Ever Broken Anyone’s Heart: Yes.

5 Things:
Things You Can Hear Right Now:
Shaan singing the title song of Don - Main hoon don.
Update: The sound of some stupid server in the server room near my seat in the office
Things on Your Computer Table: I dont have a computer table.
Update: On my cubicle desk i currently have my lappy,a notebook, my helmet, a pen and a pencil
Things on Your Bed: Dont have a bed either.
Things You Ate Today: Hide and seek and marie gold biscuits.Rice,dal,curd and chutney.
Update: Marie Gold,a nice andhra meal at the near by mess.
Things in Mind: SA finish the clean sweep by beating india 4-0.
SA win the last match by 9 wkts.Bugger Greame Smith did not show his middle finger. Got out.
Update :Should finish work at office and go to a fren's place tonight.

4 Places You Have Been Today:
Home,Divya Sree Mess .... thats all cannot list 4 .. does going to loo twice count???
Update: Gym,Mess,Office,Loo

2 Choices
Black or White:
White..Mom doesnt encourage anything black and I dont want to disappoint her.
Hot or Cold: Hot

1 Thing You Want To Do Before You Die:
Never thought about death.....

Now my turn to tag ?
Well... the ball has to stop rolling somewhere. :D

Monday, October 02, 2006


One Ticket To STALIN - Rs.150

Coke in the intermission - Rs.30

Popcorn in the intermission - Rs.30

The feeling when I came to know that
many people did not like the movie - PRICELESS

Monday, May 01, 2006

"KISS"na mana hai

“To all those love birds, kissing in public has just gotten 10 times more expensive in India's capital”

This is what an article in rediff says. The moral police have struck. Yesterday Chennai and today the capital of India.Its just a matter of time before the entire country gets a moral boost.They say kissing in public is an offence. What prompted the increase in the fine? The story is something like this.

Note:: Through out the post we will use the word “activity” for “kissing”.( God I am so shy to even type the word kiss so many times and how do these Casanovas manage to actually indulge in the activity in the public. I got to take some lessons from them)

The day before yesterday :

People indulged in the activity secretively. They made sure no one knew about their activity.

Yesterday :

India started shining ( read “westernizing”). People have become bold enough to come out into the public and do the activity in a fit to mimic the westerners. In a way if not the country at least the citizens were “developing”. The authorities could not stomach this. They some how wanted to curb this development (which they have been successfully doing for the past 5 and a half decades). So they came up with this plan of imposing a fine of Rs 50 on the hapless couples who indulged in the activity in public places because they could not do the same at their homes owing to India’s rich and varied heritage (as it is said in the pledge). Thus the authorities were successful, to some extent, to remind the youth of India’s culture which is getting tarnished just because some couples indulge in the activity in the public. Recently Mallika Sherawat* joined the authorities in salvaging the Indian culture. Wondering how? She became a celebrated part of the tinsel town by “Murdering” the so called Indian culture that these authorities have been tying to preserve. She was lucky enough to escape the fine of Rs 50 for indulging in the activity in public I thought.

“She did not do the activity in public she just did that in the sets of the movie. That is not a public place. It so happened that it was screened in the public” was the explanation the authorities gave when asked why they let go Mallika “murder” Sherawat.

Today :

Thanks to the fat salaries youngsters are drawing today Rs 50 has become a paltry sum for them. So they don’t mind stealing a kiss (sorry for using “the word”. I could’nt use “activity” here) from their partner. They are thinking

“Lets do it. Its well and good if we don’t get caught otherwise we will pay just Rs 50”

It did not take much time for the authorities to realize that the youth has this kind of an attitude. So again in a fit to suppress this development they increased the fine from Rs 50 to Rs 500. Yes , as you might have guessed they were again successful, to some extent. Yesterday she epitomized the Indian culture at home ( in India) but now Mallika Sherawat* has taken upon herself the onus of “exposing” the Indian culture on the global stage by acting in a foreign movie. Hail mallika who is preserving the Indian culture and damn these love birds who are tarnishing it by doing the activity in public places, behind the bushes so that no one can catch them red-handed. I say they are all stupid. Why do the activity , get caught and then pay fine? Just join the movies and then therz no stopping you. You can do anything you want without being fined. I say even the moral police are not far behind. They are extremely clever. They just stand behind the love-struck couple, watch the entire activity and then they prowl on the couple to collect the fine. I feel their job is pretty cool . You get paid to watch the activity “Live”.

Tomorrow :

The moral police go a step further. They don’t even allow a married couple to indulge in the activity. So all the men ( who have only one reason to get married ;) ) see no point in getting married if they cannot even do the activity with their wife. So all men decide to remain unmarried. Well, wait a minute. Now in understand the ulterior motive of the authorities in doing all this. No marriages , no kids. Voila, superb way to control the ever exploding Indian population. Hail the authorities.

*Apologies for disappointing all the guys with the kind of images i put up.I know you must have expected some "normal" images of mallika but i did not want this blog to be rated as 18+

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Devil’s Workshop Interview **

The other day I was in my room extremely busy doing…err..really nothing when I suddenly heard someone knock my door. I went and opened it and to my astonishment found this girl looking as hot as a girl can get. For a moment I thought “A girl!!!!!!! In my room!!!!!!!”. The first thought that struck my mind was “Is she here for some kinda sting operation that generally good looking girls do to trap celebs?” Then I thought no.. I am not a politician,neither am I a film star (like shakti kapoor or aman verma if you know what I mean). She then told that she was here to take my interview. Is she out of her mind? She then told me that it is customary to take the interviews of people who have an account with blogger.Then I again looked at the girl just to see if I could get any second opinions about her. I definitely had. She was beautiful I agree but not so beautiful that she could be a part of some sting operation . yeah with her looks all she would get is an interview with me and nothing more , I thought.

Excerpts from the interview ::

Why Blog?

I found many of my friends blogging and for a moment thought why should’nt I blog. Currently blogger is giving out accounts for free. What if overnight they decide to make it paid? Then I’ll lose the once-in-a-lifetime chance of bugging others for free.One of my friends ( who has been blogging for a long time and whose name I would rather not reveal) even said that its more fun blogging than reading others blogs. Yeah its fun for the blogger but God save the poor souls of the readers , I thought.


I saw this question coming. Many of my frens use blogger.Now that did not make me opt for blogger when I can get free accounts from others like livejournal etc. But I frequently go through many blogs in which made me rather familiar with the interface.

Who does this blog target?

There are many bloggers out there who have a drive to blog but I should admit their blogs suck. So this blog is targeted to bloggers who feel that their blogs suck. Just to get rid of that feeling , all they have to do is visit my blog and then they’ll feel yes there is some one whoz blog sucks more than their blog and go back to blog the same crap they usually do but with a renewed enthusiasm.

Why A-z in the first post?

I started learning English with its alphabet. So I thought its not a bad idea to start my blogging with the same. The other reason being that all my future posts are a mere permutation and combination of my first post.

All the purists reading this must be thinking about the punctuation marks but plz excuse me for this time.

You published you first post on March 20th and the second on April 5th. Whats the reason for this delay?

The main reason is I did not have anything to write. So my second post took a long time to be published. But if you ask me of all the days why April 5th then I’ll say today is the birthday of one of my best friends. She has shown me a new way to look at life.It is because of her that I have many moments in my life today that I cherish and will do so till the end of my life. Here I am wishing her “ A Very Happy Birthday”.

Interesting. So, would you like to dedicate this blog or post to that someone special?

Yeah I dedicate this blog to my family members and this post to that special girl.

While I was answering this question I was reminded of the request-a-song shows that are all pervading. Had the same question (reg dedicating this blog) been asked to one of those jobless callers their answer would have been something like this.

I would like to dedicate this song( here blog) to you ( actually the anchor of the show but here the interviewer) and my friends chinna, munna, bunty, bubbly ,bangaaram,veerabhadra,my mother-in-law,my uncle’s nephew’s friend’s wife’s first son’s girl friend and the list goes on like this.

Tell me something about your blog.

Right now I am afraid I can’t tell you about my bolg. Not that it is confidential or something similar but that I myself have no clue as to when my next post will be and also what will it be about.

This time I was reminded of the film stars. Had this question been asked to them their answer would have been something like this.

Haaaaahahahah ( an affected smile with approx 1Kg lipstick on each lip and pulling her hair behind her ears) This is a completely different kind of a movie (here blog) pulling her hair behind her ears again.It is very different from all the movies (again blogs) i have acted. pulling her hair behind her ears yet again.I always wanted to blog in blogger and yes this is a dream come true. Haahhaahha (that affected smile again and pulling her hair behind her ears for the 100th time in span of 2 minutes.

While this is what they say what the actually feel about the movie is something like this.

What crap?? Does anyone call this a movie? Oh God! Of all the directors it has to be Karan Johar, who looks and acts like a gay.Yeah just take a look at his show Koffee with Karan.How he hugs his male guests as though he wants to get the most of the hug that lasts for all of 3 seconds. Where as any man would have done the same with the female guests ( atleast I would) and of all the heroes it has to be Shah Rukh Khan. The perfect partner (pun intended) to Karan Johar. That very hero who endorses a feminine soap(Lux) with rose petals in a bath tub surrounded by heroines who would look better inside that tub rather than standing out side.Gosh! where have I landed up?

Interviewer :: Congratulations. All the best. Happy blogging.

Me:: Thank You.

Just as I shook hands with her I heard my cell phone ring.I picked up the phone and then I realized …. That it was not ringing rather it was the alarm and all that just happened was nothing but a dream a distant one in that.

** This post is entirely fictional. Any resemblances with real life happenings is just a coincidence and the post is a reflection of the writer's personal views only.